Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daddy Yankee Enters New Business

We all know Daddy Yankee is like the Micheal Jackson of reggaeton. He sales more then other artist put together, yeah it sounds bad, but hey, its the truth. Anyways, Daddy Yankee is now going to enter the perfume business.

He is working hard with his business associates to create the next hit perfume. Daddy Yankee has good taste, so i know he is going to make a good quality product. I just hope it doesn't smell like gasolina, na, just joking.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson? I mean, Jacko's cool n all but, dude's a f***ing psycho, lol. sounds weird comparing DY to Jacko

Olga said...

Lol yeah, maybe a comparison like "Daddy Yankee is to reggaeton like Michael JORDAN is to basketball. haha but n e ways i'm gonna be the 1st one to buy it no matter is its 4 a guy or a girl!! i'll still wear it!!

Anonymous said...

hell yea im gonna get that cd before anyone cause i love it !!