Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daddy Yankee And The Latin Grammys

A few days ago Daddy Yankee performed live at the Latin Grammy's. He sang the song "ella me levanto", and to tell you the truth, the performance wasn't perfect. The dancers in back of Yankee were lost and Daddy Yankee was singing out of tone in some parts of the song. But it was still a pretty nice performance.

Also, many people (not me) didn't like how he was dressed, they said he looked like a old man. What they don't understand is that the theme of the song is like that, kind of old fashion, thats why in the music video of "ella me levanto" he was also dressed like this.

One thing that i noticed was that Daddy Yankee gained a considerable amount of weight.

Well, you guys have my opinion on the Grammy's, whats yours?