Monday, June 19, 2006

Daddy Yankee In Honduras

Daddy Yankee in the night of Sunday did one of his last concerts in the country of Honduras in the Estadio Sosa. Yankee took over that night in which there were more then 25,000 people dancing and screaming his name. Everybody wanted to go to his concert because it was the last live show he was doing over there in Honduras and nobody wanted to miss the concert hgh. It was another successful concert for Daddy Yankee just like the psst saturday, and there were lights and people waving there mobile phones in the air at night which was pretty cool. The reggaeton star was singing his hit songs like, "Dale Caliente", "Tu Príncipe", "Machete", "No Me Dejes Solo", "Corazones", and one of his oldest songs "Latigazo" which I'm sure you remember. Well overall Daddy Yankee took over that night and once again did a wonderful show.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Daddy Yankee In The Bronx

The great theater paradise in the Bronx open the doors for Daddy Yankee were he did a concert which was total success. The tickets were selling for only 2 dollars and all were sold out in less then 1 hour, 4 hours before starting the concert. The theater was created in 1929 which in that time was the best for shows in the nation. There was a great deal of security there and most of the public that were in the show was Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. When everybody got in the concert there was a big foto hanging of Daddy Yankee. The concert was delayed 45 minutes but when he got on stage everybody started screaming and dancing. Yankee was dressed in black with a red jacket and with him was 8 dancers. Yankee said that when he goes to the Bronx he feels like at home, he used to live there for some time but then went back to Puerto Rico. And for does who want to keep up with the selling's of his album Barrio Fino En Directo he has sold more then 1.2 million copies.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Daddy Yankee Doing A Concert In Lima

On June 10th Daddy Yankee is going to do a concert in Lima and he is going to drow out thousands of dollars out to the public. The concert is taking place in the Estadio de San Marcos were thousands of his fans are waiting for the big day. The rumors are each day higher on how the concert is going to be and which surprises Yankee is going to have for them. The money is going to be drown in the air with special canons that can send the money two kilometers away so everybody has to opportunity to got something. The canons are going to be placed near the edge of the stage pointing up in the air for security reasons. The concert is going to be at 9.00PM but the cool thing here is you can walk out with some cash.