Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Daddy Yankee Lost 30 Pounds

Yes, its incredible. The king of reggaeton Daddy Yankee has managed to loose 30 pounds in a short amount of time. Many fans of Daddy Yankee didn't even notice that he was over weight. He use to weigh 215 pounds and now he is in 185 pounds. His secret to loosing weight is pretty simple. He goes to the gym in the morning for 2 hours and eats a low calorie diet. Yankee lost 30 pounds, but his personal trainer said he needs to loose another 10 pounds to be in his ideal weight.

Daddy Yankee is working hard to have a muscular body and a healthy life style. Yankee said in a funny manner, that people shouldn't expect him to look like LL.Cool.J, but he is working on it, LOL.

I congratulate Yankee for loosing all does pounds and I hope he keeps up his great work.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Daddy Yankee Nominated Once Again

Daddy Yankee once again has been nominated for Best Artist and Best Solista Artist of The Year in the next edition of the MTV Latinoamerica Awards 2006. This great artist received the good news in his recording studio, where he spends a lot of time working on his upcoming album El Cartel.

His upcoming album El Cartel is going to be in my opinion one of the best albums he has ever made. With producers like Scott Storch, Wiliam, and Akon there is no doubt its going to be a huge hit. Daddy Yankee is working very hard for this album and he constantly travels to Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Miami, and New York.

The MTV Latinoamerica 2006 is going to be broadcast live in the Palacio Sports in the city of Mexico, October 19th. Everybody can vote for there favorite artist on MTVla.com. This show is going to been seen all over Latin America and in MTV, MTV2 in the USA.