Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Telento De Barrio Breaks Record

Daddy Yankee's movie (Telento De Barrio) debut has smashed box office records in Puerto Rico. An estimated 12,000 fans turned out to see the movie when it debuted last week.

I haven't seened it but plan to in the weekend. Many people have already told me the movie was great so Daddy Yankee made a mayor hit with this.

I wasn't surprized that the movie turned out to be good since it has been in the making for more then 3 years.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Telento De Barrio

The REY of Reggaeton Daddy Yankee is back with this new and unique album called Talento De Barrio: El Soundtrack.

The album is released on the occasion of his first motion picture of the same name of the album.

It include the two first singles "Pose" and "Somos De Calle". I'm sure his album well sell like Pan Caliente (thats how we say it over at PR).

Tracks Recommended: Talento De Barrio, Pa-Kuma, Pose (1st single), Oasis De Fantasia, Salgo Pa La Calle [The Best] , Qué Tengo Qué Hacer, Suelta, Como y Vete, K-dela [The Best].