Thursday, March 01, 2007

This Just In - More On Daddy Yankee's Affair

OK, I really hate writing about these kinds of topics, but I think you guys deserve to know whats going on lately with Daddy Yankee. Like i said a few days ago, there were rumors of Yankee having an affair. I just heard from a trusted source that indeed this rumor is true. Daddy Yankee does have, or at least had an affair with one of his dancers. And i think you guys know pretty will who the dancer is. Yes, the dancer who was with Yankee is the girl that says "Gasolina".

No wonder she appeared so many times in the music video. I know its not right for Yankee to have done this, but it was a mistake. We all make mistakes in our life, even famous artist like Daddy Yankee.

From what i hear, it seems that Daddy Yankee's wife has forgiven him for what he did, so i guess everything is now OK.

If you want to see the dancer, then here is the video. Remember, the girl is the one which says "dame mas gasolina".

What do you guys think about this?