Monday, August 27, 2007

Daddy Yankee and Celia Cruz

The big boss Daddy Yankee according to People En Espanol will be the main producer for the La play la vida y musica de Celia Cruz. Of course this all is about the famous and amazing artist Celia Cruz that will never be forgotten by many.

Daddy Yankee mention to the press that he is doing this because he wants to support his musical legacy heritage.

He also said "Everyone loved Celia Cruz, she broke down barriers for many Latin American artists,”. The play will start on Sept. 12 in New York City. So good luck Yankee.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Daddy Yankee Messed Up Big Time

Hey guys, well i have some thing to say about Daddy Yankee and unfortunately its not good. The other day Yankee was in a radio station and he was receiving phone calls from fans. A little girl talked to Yankee and everything seem good, but the host of the show said what would you like Daddy Yankee to give you as a present?

The little girl was a little shy and didn't know what to say, so the host told Daddy Yankee to give her free tickets to his concert and Yankee responded by saying that he wasn't going to give her free tickets and that the host of the show should pay for it.

I was stunned by Daddy Yankee's reaction, I never knew Daddy Yankee was like this. Common guys, were talking about a famous artist that has more then 50 million in the bank. Why in hell would he not give the girl a $30 ticket.

I don't know what Daddy Yankee was thinking, maybe he was high or something but one thing is for sure, he should apologize and give her the free tickets because the fans are pissed off at him.

Yankee sorry I had to say this, but one i see something wrong I have to mention it here.