Sunday, March 09, 2008

Breacking News: Daddy Yankee and Don Omar Are Now Freinds!!!!!1

You read the title correctly, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar are now friends again, after years of "tiraera". All this happened in the concert of Wisin y Yandel in Puerto Rico, both showed up on stage and they gave each other hugs, this is a historical moment for sure. Here is the video:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

SoMoS De CaLLe - DaDDY YaNKee

Whats up people, yeah, yeah, i know i haven't posted for a while, but the important thing is that im back.

Alright guys, Daddy Yankee released a new music video called Somos de Calle, i can tell you right now that the video is Hot. The song is about the life on the street. The video mostly takes part in the hood where he use to live back in the day. Overall, the song is gonna be a huge hit.

Anyways, enough with me writing, here is the video: