Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not Agian- Another Nomination!

The reggaeton star Daddy Yankee has been nominated 5 times for the event Premio lo Nuestro en the main categories of urban music. The event is going to take place on the 22 of February in the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

The categories Daddy Yankee is competing for is, Best Album of the Year, Best Song of the Year, also the one that Daddy Yankee really wants to win is Best Urban Artist.

Yankee mentioned in a press conference, "I'm very happy with these nominations, i hope i win at least one award."

Also, Daddy Yankee said that his upcoming album El Cartel is going to be the best thing since slice bread.

I know its going to be great, hello! How could it not be, with all the great artist who are working in this album like Chris Brown, Ludacris, Scott Storch, Black Eyed Peas, Akon, and hey, even Paris Hiltion is going to be in there.


leila said...

i'm a crazy fan of daddy yankee from tunisia my name is dream is to see daddy yankee in a concert in tunisia.I WANT TO SEE DADDY YANKEE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im the fan number #1 of daddy remember you are the best 4 ever & ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am daddy yankee's #1 fan. My wish is to meet daddy yankee. Hi!! my name is angie and I am from LA. I will never 4r get u!!!

Macgreni said...

I love you Daddy Yankee I'm your fan #1 4 ever.... your my hero!!

Anonymous said...

hey daddy yankee i love u I wish that i can meet u

love your #1 fan

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes that was what i was expecting daddy yankee with Akon oh my god I just can't wait for that definately he is the best Oh my God i just can't believe it my two favorite artist together that is amazing